April 11, 2014

I'm proud to announce my new class Skillshare.com, this time I cover my entire digital process, from sketch to a final piece of art! The class will focus on Characters in a Scene: Sketch to Digital.

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What You'll Learn

I'll teach you my digital process and how to bring your characters to life in a scene:

  • How to create sharp and clean outlines. 
  • Placing down your flat colours.
  • Shading & lighting techniques.
  • Creating details using brushes, playing with textures.
  • How to create a full detailed background.

What You'll Do

The theme is fan art and you'll have complete freedom with this, choose something that you love, something that motivates you to draw it. You'll come up with a full sketch, ready to start the class, if you need help with this, check out my first class that covers the entire penciling process: Click here

The class has no deadlines, it's all at your own pace. And once enrolled you have complete access to the class material, you can go back and forth as you please, replay the videos, nice and easy.

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