ImagineFX feature

ImagineFX have featured my work work in their 10th anniversary issue, packed with top-name artists such as Craig Mullins and Syd Mead, I feel so honored! 

Make sure to get yourself a copy, here.

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Video lessons, enroll today!

I'm proud to announce I'll be doing video lessons through Skillshare, if you're interested in learning a few things about my process you should enroll! The class will focus on Characters in Motion: Capturing Motion in Illustration.

Enroll with the code PHOTO20 to get 20% off

What You'll Learn

I'll teach you my sketching process and how to build on your scene and character:

  • How to sketch a body in motion using shapes and gestures. 
  • Drawing facial expressions.
  • Make your character engage with their scene.
  • Making your character interact in a scene. How to place your character and make them engage with their scene.
  • Shading and final touches.

What You'll Do

You'll learn to sketch a character in a scene by illustrating your own Super Hero or Super Villain in dynamic action. 

Having a solid drawing underneath your work is essential to creating polished, professional digital art. The process of establishing structure in pencil and sketching the fine details will heighten the quality and depth of your work once you transfer your drawing to Photoshop.

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Website update - reviews

Introducing a whole new section to REVIEWS!  /reviews/

As most of you know I'm a big gamer, most of my artwork is fan art based of my favorite games. So just to mix things up a bit I've decided to add a "reviews" section to the website, my web designer Jarrod Vansten came to me with the idea and I loved it. I know that most of the people who enjoy my fan art are big gamers, so it only made sense to do this.

I've teamed up with one of my oldest friends and best mate, Brent Jago, also with game guru, Matt Lillingston. The three of us will be bringing all kinds of reviews to the site, I'm really looking forward to it.

In other news I've just posted up my new piece of fan art based Grand Theft Auto V, you can find it here: /portfolio/gta-v-launch-piece/

I'm really excited for GTA V, only 6 days to go, I've been counting down the minutes. To celebrate the release I planned this picture, I'm planning many more...

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Thank you Rockstar Games!

Yesterday I was so surprised to see that Rockstar Games had featured my latest piece of fan art on GTA V to their Official Facebook page. This is great news for me and I just want to say a massive thanks to Rockstar Games, it's only been a day and it's already nearly recieved 24,000 likes! This just makes me want to do so much more and push myself further.

Check out the feature here:

By the way I have a lot more planned for my website, this is only the beginning.. I'm going to be adding a new section soon enough, but I've still got a bit to work out. And thank you to everybody for all the kind words, it's a great start to my new chapter :) I really appreciate it.

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Website launch!

I am very proud to introduce my new website! A place that I can call home.

For the past 7 years I've been using to get my art out there to the world, I have managed to reach so many of you from so many different places and I've always been grateful. Now I have started a new chapter in my life, my own personal website, I'd like you to please take a tour through the site and soak it all in.

Here you'll see my full gallery with plenty more art to come, I also have a blog section that I will be updating regularly, I'll be able to post work in progress shots and even videos.

I would like to give a special thanks to Jarrod Vanstan for creating this website and making this happen. I really appreciate everything you've done, I'm very happy!

Check out his work, he's brilliant at what he does:

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