November 13, 2013

I'm proud to announce I'll be doing video lessons through Skillshare, if you're interested in learning a few things about my process you should enroll! The class will focus on Characters in Motion: Capturing Motion in Illustration.

Enroll with the code PHOTO20 to get 20% off

What You'll Learn

I'll teach you my sketching process and how to build on your scene and character:

  • How to sketch a body in motion using shapes and gestures. 
  • Drawing facial expressions.
  • Make your character engage with their scene.
  • Making your character interact in a scene. How to place your character and make them engage with their scene.
  • Shading and final touches.

What You'll Do

You'll learn to sketch a character in a scene by illustrating your own Super Hero or Super Villain in dynamic action. 

Having a solid drawing underneath your work is essential to creating polished, professional digital art. The process of establishing structure in pencil and sketching the fine details will heighten the quality and depth of your work once you transfer your drawing to Photoshop.

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