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July 21, 2011

Finally! After a few weeks of work on this it's finally done And what an epic job it was. I really enjoyed doing it, I haven't made a full piece like this in a while. It did test me a bit, I've learnt a thing or two.

I hope all you Assassins Creed fans can appreciate this. It was inspired a lot by the official trailer to the game I thought I should do something special for Ezio's last journey!

A quick description: As you can see here we have our main man Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the middle fighting off a bunch of guards, One guy has taken a blade to the throat while another gets a throwing knife delivered to his chest. All while Ezio dodges a spear that just misses him.

You'll also notice a familiar face. wait, he hasn't got a face. Anyway you'll see Altair in the background, he is part of Ezio's visions of his ancestor.

I hope you all enjoy this, and the game when it comes out I know I will.

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