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April 27, 2013

What an amazing game, I really had fun with it and was excited to do some fan art on the game. One of my favorite features with Infinite is how you can use the Sky-hook to ride these rails through the skylines, it's very addictive, especially in battle. So I wanted to make it a prominent part of this picture, also with his Devils Kiss power in one hand, in my opinion it's the best and most effective power to use.

I wanted to try and achieve the vibrant color scheme Bioshock Infinite is known for, it was good to play around with so many colors for a change, and I had to get used to playing around with distance for once too, haven't done that in a while. I hope you all enjoy this piece, and if you haven't yet, go out and give Bioshock a go, it's a bit of a twisted story and makes you wonder a lot but has a good pay off by the end.

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