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February 3, 2009

I'm afraid to say this took me over 25hours.. But I loved making every part, It was so enjoyable making this, especially the background. I'm glad I decided to make the scene in The Malibu from Vice City, I was so close to having a "gaming scene" but this is more related to the characters..

Now, this is how the story works here:

  • I really wanted to link all the characters in some way based on what has happened in the previous GTA games..
  • So as you can see Tommy Vercetti (Close left) is acting like he is THE BOSS! Haha that's because he is, he owns The Malibu, remember back when playing Vice City?
  • As for Niko (behind Tommy) he's working for Tommy and is asking him if he wants Vic dead for a price (remember, if it pays, Niko does it..) No one should fool around with Tommy's girls.
  • CJ (third) is fighting with Claud Speed from GTA III, if you remember back in San Andreas at the end, CJ gets a call from Catalina who had a little thing for CJ. She dumps him over the phone and says she with Claud now..
  • BUT Claud trying to tell him how she's a back-stabbing bitch for blasting the crap out of him with a shotgun in GTA III.
  • Now Toni (back) is about to beat the crap out of Claud for killing Salvatore Leon back in GTA III..
  • Vic is basically just trying to have a good time and stay out of trouble (just like in Vice City Stories) but trouble always finds him.
  • Now the two new guys Huang Lee and Johnny Klebitz, I couldn't actually have them doing much because I don't know anything about the games yet.. But basically they are trying to get pissed.

I hope you all enjoy it.

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