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April 11, 2014

I created this fan art on The Last of Us as part of my new class on Skillshare that shows my entire digital process.

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The class is ready to dive into right now, it's filled with 20 video lessons and a bunch of steps, all covering line work, colouring, shading & lighting, detailing and how to create backgrounds. I started from a sketch and recorded the entire process to a final piece, all explained in fine detail.

The class gives you complete freedom, there are no time frames, it's all at your own pace. And once enrolled you have complete access to the class material, you can go back and forth as you please, replay the videos, nice and easy.

I'm really glad I got the chance to show my digital art process, especially based on my favorite game The Last of Us, I absolutely love that game and have always wanted to make some fan art for it. I've always been about fan art and thought this would be the best thing for the class, to do what I love most and show you.


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