Splinter Cell: Blacklist

A terrorist unit known as ‘The Engineers’ threatens the United States with a series of deadlier escalating attacks which they are calling ‘The Blacklist’, unless the US government pulls all of its troops from their stations abroad. In response to this threat, the President of the United States forms a new Special Operations and counter-terrorism unit called ‘Fourth Echelon’ and installing Sam Fisher as Commander of the unit with the purpose of hunting down and stopping the Engineers and the Blacklist from happening.

By now most of you know who Sam Fisher is and the type of series Splinter Cell has been; a stealth based game wherein you sneak and stealth your way through missions (aside from Splinter Cell: Conviction - the last instalment in the series and one that many weren’t happy with, having the stealth element significantly reduced and action made the more prominent focus). Thankfully though Blacklist is a roaring return to form- bringing stealth back to the forefront and the game benefits immensely!

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is one of (if not) the best console stealth experiences...

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